Q. Where are you located?

A. Our coaches are based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We do travel frequently, however, and so may be found on the road.

Q. Does coaching take place in-person or by phone?

A. Coaching can take place in-person or via phone or video-conference. Face-to-face conversations have obvious benefits for building personal connection and confidence. However, we have found that phone and video call conversations also work well and do not detract from the coaching experience. Our coaches have worked with many clients by phone or video.


Q. Are coaching conversations confidential?

A. Yes, absolutely. The content of coaching conversations is held in strict confidence. In situations where a third-party (e.g. a sponsor) requests information about the coaching program and results, we would provide only general status updates. These updates would provide a broad assessment of progress, such as “coaching is going well,” “we’re making progress toward objectives,” or similar language. Our coaches work with clients in advance, when necessary, to establish what information is appropriate to share with any involved third-parties.


Q. Does Possible Sky follow any standards of professional conduct?

A. Yes. The coaches of Possible Sky follow the code of ethics developed by the International Coach Federation.


Q. What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

A. Coaching and consulting are two very different services. A simple distinction between the two would be that while consulting solves problems, coaching helps people build the capacity to solve their own problems. While our coaches may offer brief tactical suggestions for resolving specific problems, the larger goal of coaching remains to enhance client capacity to self-correct behavior, self-generate solutions, and pursue long-term excellence.


Q.What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

A. Coaching helps healthy people reflect on and expand their intentions, behavior, and world-view in order to change how they approach life in the present and sustain into the future. Psychotherapy (therapy) is a health care solution used to treat childhood or adult trauma. It is also a means to diagnose and treat disorders of the mind (mental illness). Coaching and therapy are thus distinct services, even as they both employ discussion, reflections, and practices. Each has their own place in supporting people to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

At Possible Sky, we practice coaching, not therapy. If a client’s interests and needs suggest that support from a mental health professional would be valuable, we may offer referrals to licensed psychologists or other qualified professionals.